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117 postcards

007 Go off 24.10.90 006 Flügel (weiß) 22.10.90

Cologne-based artists Wolfgang Jorzik and Werner Weber exchanged self-designed postcards between October 12, 1990 and April 10, 1991. This postal interaction has now been published in book form – presenting all 117 postcards in chronological order. The cards are published predominantly in their original size, with the front and back appearing on adjacent pages.

After more than two decades, we held the post cards in our hands once again and despite some of the references to current events, which still ring true even today, we couldn’t help feeling a sense of nostalgia. Writing letters and postcards has fallen so out of fashion that it almost seems antiquated. While putting together this book, we quickly realized that modern forms of communication, such as e-mail, text messages and social media platforms like Twitter, have redefined creative and design-related possibilities. In addition, delving into digital and online worlds has completely reshaped reality and the public sphere, making the old-fashioned, analogue postcard seem like a very private, almost intimate artifact. (…)

075b Un'nei 22.02.91 014b Desert Rats 15.11.90

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