Wolfgang Jorzik it's about photography and other things that happen in life

New books out

issue one

The new year starts with a couple of new

books and the second Issue of the Magazin „0“ (01/2015)

issue two

I tried to develope with the

first attempt „0“ (12/2014) last year. Friends and other

Photographers encouraged me to more of this

Magazines. So I will see.

frühe prosa

In one of my boxes I found two things:

A manuscript with around 100 pages

written in 1998 kind of early prose.

I called it „Suchbewegungen“.

giacometti And I found a second manuscript  – an essay on art and philosophy called Thoughts and remarks on „Alberto Giacometti“. I wrote this in January 1988. The exhibition was in 1987 in the Nationalgallery in Berlin. Louisa was so kind to type the manuscript – because there was only one version of this Essay typed on a typewriter.


for your eyes onlyAnd last but not least there is a very special book: „For your eyes only“ – without words but full with photographs out of the last 40 and more years. And it’s about me: Selfies, Photos a few other people took, Photos I never showed before – some crazy, some serious ones, some weird, some inspired by other artists and so on.

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