Wolfgang Jorzik it's about photography and other things that happen in life


Born in 1962 in Cologne, Germany – I’m still living here. I work as a freelance
photographer and journalist since more than
15 years now. My first camera, I
remember it vividly, was a
Kodak Instamatic 133x  I received in 1973 as a gift.
I use most of the time digital SLRs. The photos displayed in the
archive section are scans from b&w and color negatives or
slides. I was able
to digitalize all my photos I took between 1973
and 2003. In 2004 I switched and
started the digital era.
My photo-journalistic work is presented here:
foto-journalisten “Die Kölner Bildmanufaktur”  – a collective of five photographers.



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